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Creative Bath Awards Finalist

Awards finalists: you've made it! Congratulations, you're officially a Creative Bath Awards finalist! Hello! It's good news... You have made it as a finalist of the Creative Bath Awards! This year has seen a superb range of nominations, with many truly inspiring stories from across the region. So it was incredibly tough to whittle it down to a shortlist of finalists — and yes, you have made it..! Check out the full list of finalists over on the Awards website.

Letter from Lila Clements

Hello Zuleika,

Hope this email finds you well, healthy and sane duding these unusual times. I'm getting in touch to enquire about using one of your wonderful photographs from A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2016 on my personal website. I was one of the actors in the company and would like to use this image:

Can you let me know your rates/ credits etc for usage?

 Very best wishes, 

 Lila x

Historic Royal Palaces

Hi Zuleika, I’m writing on behalf of Historic Royal Palace to inquire about using your photograph of Antony Sher as Richard III for our upcoming YouTube video on The Princes in the Tower. This will be for non-commercial use to tell an important story at one of our key sites. We are an independent charity that looks after HM Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Banqueting House Whitehall, Kew Palace and Hillsborough Castle in the Northern Ireland, receiving non-governmental funding from the visitors and donors. The image itself will be lightly treated. Youtube channel: Image: Very best, Olivia

Creative Bath Awards Finalist

Hello! It's good news... You have made it as a Finalist of the Creative Bath Awards! congrats

Awards Finalists: you've made it! __________ Congratulations, you're officially a Creative Bath Awards Finalist!


Letter from Ella Hawkins (PhD Shakespeare Institute FT

Dear Ms Henry, I’m writing to ask if you’d consider giving permission for one of your photographs (attached) to be used in an online exhibition. The exhibition will be published on the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust website (as part of Shakespeare Connected - a non-profit/charitable and educational project), and will feature 10 images about the history of Elizabethan dress as costume for Shakespeare’s plays in performance. Your photograph perfectly captures the aesthetic of the Elizabethan-style costumes in the RSC’s recent Tempest. Do let me know if including the photograph in the exhibition might be a possibility. With thanks and best wishes, Ella Ella Hawkins PhD student, Shakespeare Institute

Hello again, The exhibition was published even sooner than I expected! Here’s a link to it, as promised: Very best, Ella Ella Hawkins PhD student, Shakespeare Institute

More B&W pix from 1983-2000

My latest project is to download many of the wonderful productions that I have photographed from the beginning of my career in the early 80's. No particular order just what ever takes my fancy. Check out Judi Dench at the NT and Garrick and Charlton Heston at The Savoy Theatre in 'Man For All Seasons'. Not to mention the Tokyo Ballet and National Ballet of China

I have been so fortunate to be present at some of the most wonderful productions.

Letter from Mikron Theatre

Sept.6th 2016
Hi Zuleika,

Please accept my apologies for the tardy reply. I only got back from the boat on Sunday evening. It was lovely to meet you at the show. Thank you for the great photographs. I'm so impressed given the wet soggy conditions and the chaos it created! Thank you for sharing these great shots and of course for your support

Best wishes,


Marianne McNamara

Artistic director

A short video

Dear Zuleika Please may I use your photographs of Jon Pertwee in a short YouTube video? My video is short and sweet and simply tells the story of when I met Jon Pertwee. I would like some photographs to accompany the video. I will of course credit you. The photographs are: -- Kind regards Craig

Zuleika Henry 1 hr · Back in the mists of time, one of the projects we did on our photography course was a slide show showing the development of something from start to finish. You could choose anything so long as there was an obvious change from the 1st slide to the last. Being obsessed with the theatre I thought I'd do an actor applying his make-up. I rang Jon Pertwee who was appearing at Wimbledon Theatre as Worzel Gummidge . He was happy to oblige and when I finished I gave him a framed print, of the final image. Then a couple of years ago I found some negatives I had made from the original slide (very poor quality) and with a very low res scanner, put them on my website just for a bit of nostalgia. Two days ago I was contacted by Craig Haylett who wanted to make a video to commemorate 20 years since Jon Pertwee died about how he first met his hero and wanted to use my photos. Have a look at this about 2.52 mins certainly brought back memories and please excuse the poor quality. Don't watch it full screen, it's not too bad small! ! Well done Craig Haylett Off Topic | When I Met Worzel Gummidge (With Some Visuals) To mark the 20th Anniversary of the passing of an extraordinary actor named Jon Pertwee, I wish to commemorate his bestest character Worzel Gummidge in this ... YOUTUBE.COM

Letter from Blue Brook Productions

Zuleika, Many thanks, as always, the photographs (for A Room For One) are great---Chris is especially pleased! All good wishes, Kevin 14/03/16

Brilliant! Thank you!, You've captured the essence - again! You've made the set look expansive too, Lovely. .. v.b. Ed

Letter from set designer

Hi Zuleika. Hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly. I designed Wendy and Peter Pan at the RSC which I think you took very beautiful photographs of. I’m exhibiting the design in a national theatre design exhibition at the start of January next year and I would like to include a couple of your images. The organisers are keen to use the tink and peter image as a postcard to promote the event…. and they have asked if it was a- possible to use the image and b- possible for me to get a larger resolution image for both of them. Also- would you be up for it? Your photos are really gorgeous. They draw out all the detail sometimes lost in the photo… so thank you- it’s for this reason they’re perfect for a designers exhibit. Hopefully hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. Colin.

Letter from costume maker

Dear Zuleika, Hello, my name is Carrie Watkins, I am a costume maker who worked as a freelance maker for the RSC on their production of Wendy and Peter. I am currently trying to create a website of my work, the pictures you have taken of the production are very beautiful. Would it be possible to use a couple of your picture that feature my work?

Twitter account

@ZuleikaHenry Lovely to meet you today. Just looked at your website. Amazing theatre work and portraits. Wow! 27 Aug 2014 18:02

Letter from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Zuleika - Ian Herbert has suggested that I get in touch with you about using some images that you shot of the RSC's 1992 production of Beggar's Opera. The set and costumes were designed by Kendra Ullyart, with lighting by David Hersey, both of whom have given us permission to put the designs in the book. The book I am editing is World Scenography 1990-2005, and is the second volume of a three volume series. It is being published by the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, an internatinal not for profit association of backstage theatre professionals and educators. ..........We will let you know presently which of your beautiful shots we would like to use.

-- Peter McKinnon Professor Department of Theatre York University 4700 Keele St Toronto, Ont M3J 1P3 Canada +1.416.736.2100 x22998

Letter from the BBC 'The One Show'

Feb 25 at 1:06 PM

Hi Zuleika, I work for the BBC and have Simon Callow on the programme this evening. Is it possible that we may be able to use the photo from your website of Simon as Falstaff?

Thanks Letitia

Feedback from my RSC Golden Oldies album

Not that your digital work isn't fab but these pics are you think there's a quality in pre-digital that just can't be replicated?

it would be great to put your interview up in your blog/about you ...... To let others know why your photographs are so fantastic , that you capture something that no one else can!

I've just had a look at your website and most of it's contents - BRILLIANT !! So beautifully specific - something amazing in each one.

More dates for Fanny and Johnnie

The Square Club, Berkeley Square, Bristol Thursday 6th Feb. 2014

Cotswold House Hotel, Chipping Camden Glos. Sat 8th Feb 2014

Bermondsey Square Hotel, London Tuesday 11th Feb 2014

Bristol Valentines special Hen and Chicken Southville Fri and Sat 14/15 Feb. 2014

The Clifton Club, Clifton, Bristol (by invitation only) Fri 16th May 2014

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year

RSC Christmas production

Just off to Stratford to photograph 'Wendy and Peter Pan'. Always a joy to do the Xmas production for the RSC!!

More responses

Website gobsmacking. You can include in testimonials, “So marvellous I didn’t recognise my own shows.” –Sheila Hannon.

I was really delighted to hear that you were called back to Stratford, did stunning work again, and were duly appreciated by your subjects, who loved their portraits. You really can "live" theatre as soon as you get a whiff of it all.

Robina Beckles-Wilson

...what a great new website you have. You are such a good photographer

Live broadcast of Richard II

Tonight, in cinemas worldwide, there will be a LIVE broadcast from The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. David Tennant stars as Richard with Michael Pennington as John of Gaunt, Oliver Ford Davis as The Duke of York and Nigel Lindsey as Bolingbroke. Directed by Gregory Doran